Thursday, February 28, 2008

President's Day

It is going to make me seem old but this year marks my 15th year since graduating high school. One very cool thing about that year was starting school at BYU and meeting a bunch of guys at Helaman Halls who have become lifelong friends. Over President's Day a few of the crew got together and extended the debauchery that was our freshman year.

The weekend was basically designed to be skiing/snowboarding with gaming, food, and as little sleep as possible. I must say we successfully achieved all stated goals! We went to Loveland Ski Resort on Saturday and Monday and I rode my a few black diamonds and even one double black for the first time. The only negative part of the skiing was I actually got altitude sickness on the first day when we made our afternoon trip to the summit. Texas has corrupted me! The good news is that the further we descended into the valley the better I got and by the time we were back at Scott's place I was good to go.


(left to right) Craig, Scott, Jason, Adam and David

During the trip it was abundantly clear that our geekiness still reigned supreme. It's all good though because at this point in our lives we are well aware that the geeks run things around here! That being said, I really wish Anne was there to see moments like these and roll her eyes at us....

Good times.... good times.

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What luck to have stayed friends all these years. Looks like the geeks were yet trying to "rule the world" too! Glad it was such fun.