Saturday, March 01, 2008

Flying to Shanghai

Every four years our calendars account for built-in inaccuracies by adding a full day to our year and gifting us all the most precious resource of all.... time!  This year I found a new way to completely waste this 24 hour gift.... flying to China. 

Man was that a long flight!  Including the time from Austin to Chicago (etc...) it was basically 22-23 hours of travel time.  I was on plane so long that I was actually beginning to enjoy the in-flight meals.  Once we landed we headed out for a delicious Chinese meal which brought me back to a very yummy reality.

Map image

I am here with a bunch of National Instruments employees for our Asia Sales Summit (basically a time for us to align global resources on messaging and technical training).  This will limit the amount of sightseeing I get to do but I will make sure to share pictures, etc... once I get back to the states.



Yeah...I remember how horrendous! the flight was to Hong Kong and it was only 16 hours! Enjoy whatever time you get! Love ya.

Carolyn Hansen said...

Enjoy the yummy food (hee-hee). Go to McDonald once for me! :)