Monday, September 03, 2007

Bunk Bed

Some of you may remember a little spat Anne and I had during the family reunion in May. It was about whether or not we should assemble the second half of Sy's bunk bed. The negotiation ended a couple of months later when Anne conceded that if I got/built a train table for the boys then I could put together Sy's bunk bed for him. Last week I found a great train table on craigslist for $20 and this weekend I put up the bed...... and Sy was pumped! Here is a picture of Texas' newest and most proud top bunk sleeper.

(The astute observer will also notice the new train table in the foreground.)

As I was laying on the bottom bunk this afternoon I totally had flashbacks of giving Kyle bunk rides (and having the mattress and frame crashing down on me from time to time), of climbing from bunk to bunk (when all 4 boys were in one room), of Pop yelling from the next room that if we didn't stop it he was going to _______ (fill in the blank), and of a ton of other memories. Ahhh..... that was living! I hope you enjoy it, Sy!



Have FUN, FUN, FUN, SY! Every boy deserves a bunk bed...even if he's an ONLY CHILD! You have to get at least one black eye from jumping and falling, don't you?


kylejennyabby said...

Cool new bunk bed, Sy! And a train table, too! You are one lucky duck!

Carolyn Hansen said...

So darn cute! Sweet find on Craig's list too. $20 bucks?

holly said...

Hey Anne! How are you? My kids LOVE the bunkbed as well. It just doesn't get better than that.