Monday, May 21, 2007

YMCA Soccer

I may not have mentioned it but I have been coaching Sy's 3-year-old YMCA soccer team. Now before I continue, stop and imagine what it must be like "coaching" (slash.. babysitting) a team or 3-year-olds. It was a lot of work but it was fun for me too.

This last Saturday was our last game and was easily the best game for Sy. Usually he is frustrated within the first 2 min or so and then doesn't want to play but this time the kid was an animal. He was running all over the place, stopping the other team, changing direction, making assists and even scoring a goal. Seriously night and day from the other games. At one point he looked over to Anne and shouted.... "Mom, I'm not giving up!" It was definitely adorable. Here are a few shots......

Part of the pre-game ritual that includes "Which way are we going?" and "Do we use our hands?"

Like I said, Sy was an animal.....

A couple of games ago I had to bribe him onto the field by letting him hold onto the whistle. It was working great until the other kids took an interest and I had to remove the whistle from the field in order to continue play.

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kylejennyabby said...

You go, Sy...we miss you already.