Monday, May 28, 2007

Guadalupe Peak (8749 ft.)

What a weekend! Last Thursday I headed to the Guadalupe Mountains National Park and spent 4 days/3 nights backpacking. We saw mountain goats, mule deer, a warthog, jackrabbits, lizards, and I summited the two highest peaks in Texas (Guadalupe Peak and Bush Mountain) while also camping at the highest campground in Texas.

I should mention that the day we climbed Guadalupe Peak was also my anniversary. I called Anne from the summit to wish her a Happy Anniversary! She is a saint for letting me go and I will have to make it up to her next year....

View from Hunter Peak looking towards El Capitan (rocky bit jutting out from the ridge) with Guadalupe Peak just out of the shot to the right. Allen (the guy) works with me at National Instruments.

Chef Boy'ar'Craig.

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Carolyn Hansen said...

Good for you Craig! What a beautiful view, eh?