Saturday, March 10, 2007

Martha, Beware!

Anne has been busy the last couple of months making new creations and preparing for a couple of vending opportunities (including the Summer Fair in Billings). I must say, I am impressed. She has a knack for this type of thing..... I just hope a lot of rich yuppies agree.

View the pictures below to check some of her stuff out. Her name is in the pictures because it was a requirement for photos sent in on the Summer Fair vendor application.

As you can see, there are pillows, place settings, table runners, and blankets. Seriously, Martha better watch out!


kylejennyabby said...

Anne.. I think they are gorgeous! And I too am very impressed!

The Hansens said...

I have got to put my order in. These are awesome! Do you have the website back up?

Kelly said...

1st of all, great site. 2nd - amazing goodies from the Anne Anderson factory. I love that you are still cranking out the goods. Looks great, good luck at the shows. You should look into the Jackson Art Fair, 3rd weekend in July and again 3rd weekend in August. Fabulous I say!