Friday, September 23, 2011

back tracking...

as i was posting the last post i realized that i never posted our first batch of hospital photos.  you know, the ones that show her being born and stuff.  kind of important.  so here is a long string of photos.

craig all dressed up and ready for the big event
fresh out of the oven

getting her inventory taken in the nursery
the boys seeing her for the first time

 with aunt sarah
 we were so lucky that uncle kurt and aunt sarah came from rhode island to meet little miss.  they gave the boys these cute t-shirts and sarah stocked our kitchen with homemade lasagne, mac and cheese, chex mix and cookies.  they spoiled us big time.
 we were also amazingly lucky to have grandma lynne staying with us for the weekend.  she took great care of the boys and made it easy for craig to be at the hospital with me.
 cuddles from the brothers


Jill said...

LOVE the shirts!!

Kristi said...

can't believe she is already here....the boys shirts are Awesome!

Julie said...

Everyone looks so happy - and yes, those T-shirts are great

Briawna said...

oh my goodness, your boys are so grown up! has it really only been a year and change since we saw you. i'm so happy for you guys. she's beautiful. seeing those newborn pics reminds me how much i love little babies. so perfect! hope all is well with you and your beautiful family.

thelisifamily said...

So cute Annie. Craig looks like the Dr. who delivered the baby. Boy's shirts are awesome and Evelyn is the star of the show:)

Britney said...

Oh Anne!!! She is so delicious!! How do you put her down and get anything done!?? :)