Tuesday, April 12, 2011

last saturday was the first day of baseball season for us and we had such a fun day.  both boys are playing for the first time ever...soren is doing t-ball and sy is doing coach pitch.  we were both so proud of the boys for trying their hardest and paying attention to their coaches.  here are a few photos...

i will start with soren.  he amazed me.  in any other sport he has tried, he was the kid who was totally ignoring his coach and twirling circles in the middle of the field but something clicked with t-ball.  the biggest surprise was that this kid was actually running to the bases...this kid doesn't run for anything.

                here he is talking with one of the coaches
                                                                        up to bat
                                        waiting on first
                                           and running!

                                      ready in the outfield

sy was just awesome at his game.  he has had a couple practices but this was his first time really seeing how it all works.  the league he is in is really low key so he can learn without a bunch of people yelling at him.  and despite only swinging a bat once (about 2 years ago) he is turning out to be quite the slugger.

                       here he is running it out after a good hit
      with daddy the third base coach

    hanging out in right field
i am just so happy they paid attention...maybe it's because i told them that if you don't pay attention in baseball, you will get hit in the face with a really hard ball and lose all your teeth.


Jill said...

it's in the genes! :) the hard balls almost make me nervous, and the little kids swinging bats around. it's a dangerous sport at that age!

Julie said...

I agree, seeing the little guys play always impresses me! They look like they're having fun out there though..

I wish someone had given me your tip about getting hit in the face, it might have improved my own game a bit! ;)

TK said...

That's the same advice they gave me about paying attention at work...strange.

Kristi said...

Good for the boys.....they look great

thelisifamily said...

so glad that they had fun playing! they look so cute and like naturals.

Robinson Fam said...

I can only imagine how fun this is for you Anne! You know your Dad watches all the games from the other side, with a giant smile on his face!


Love you "counsel" to the boys about paying attention, Anne.