Thursday, November 11, 2010

last week we were able to go into the city to see a preview screening of the new dreamworks movie "megamind".  we had a great time because the boys were really well behaved.  we took the train in and then my plan was to take a taxi to the theater in times square because it was a bit of a walk from grand central and it was raining.  it's usually really easy to catch a cab outside grand central but when it's raining...everyone wants a cab. we waited in the cab line for about 5 min. before i decided we better just walk and the boys did great.  craig was able to meet us at the theater and we enjoyed free popcorn and drinks and a free 3-D imax movie.  here are some photos...

   the boys at the train station in mamaroneck
entertaining themselves on the train
         going up the escalator to the theater
      outside the theater with daddy
the boys are off of school today so we are going to the city to have lunch with craig and then we are oing to the central park zoo.  i will post pictures soon.


Britney said...

You're such a good New York mama!!!!

Jill said...

i'm impressed! sounds daunting, but you just handle it. :)

Briawna said...

We saw Megamind on Saturday, too. Cute, but Despicable Me was better. You're a brave woman. I was busy enough managing three kids, popcorn, drinks, etc. while movie-watching and I live down the street from the theater. Good stuff.