Monday, June 28, 2010

sy's 7th birthday...and a little bit of kurt's wedding

i realized that i never posted pics from sy's birthday parties so here is an extremely long slide show that covers both events...with a little bit of kurt and sarah's wedding thrown in at the end.

right before we left utah sy had a party with his friends at his karate school.  they all had a great time but the best part was that bobby lawrence karate provided everything...the entertainment, the cake, the plates, cups and drinks...even the party favors.

the next event took place in atlanta at craig's sister's home.  her daughter, kate, is one year older and she and sy have the same birthday.  this is the 2nd time they have been able to celebrate together.  the first time they looked like this...

i don't remember sy being drunk on his 3rd birthday, but it was a luau so who knows.

the last few photos are of the day of the rehearsal dinner for craig's brother kurt's wedding.  they were married on long island and i can't even begin to describe how amazingly fun the entire weekend was.  the wedding site was the home of the bride's aunt polly and her property includes a beautiful home, carriage house, swimming pool, a pond you can canoe on and a soccer field sized grassy area.  sarah, the bride, did a wonderful job creating a beautiful wedding and celebration...she even made almost all the food for the reception by herself (and it was fantastic).  plus, soren was the ring bearer and was adorable.  my camera died shortly after we got there so i only have a few photos of the day before the wedding.  if i can get my hands on some wedding pics i will post them.

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video...taking the plunge and sinking the ship


Sophia said...

love, love, love the 3rd bday party pic!

susan said...

Awesome show Annie!! Loved watching it and catching up on all your recent activities! Can't wait for the wedding to see you guys and get my hands on those boys- tell them to watch out for Aunt Susan!!!

Britney said...

Great slideshow - loved the music.

Cutting the cake with a samurai So very cool.

Angie Judd said...

Ha! That pic of Ry made me laugh...thanks. :)
LOVE the one of Sy looking over at you with that look on his face, right after he cut the cake. Priceless.

april said...

Anne thanks so much for stopping by my blog! You have a great little blog going here too! And the pillows? Divine.

Anyhoo, hope you come to Spark again this year. It's gunna be even better than last year!