Thursday, June 24, 2010

father's day

when i asked craig what he wanted for father's day he replied with this little doozie..."i would like a traditional english breakfast."

wow.  but before you start to imagine the snob meter jumping off the charts, you need to know that craig was actually born in england and his mom used to make this certain english breakfast for her family.  so i emailed craig's mom for help and this was her response...

OK...but cleaning up from it is as bad as a Thanksgiving Dinner!
Baked Beans (can you believe it?)
Broiled tomato (halve the tomato, put it on its round side, salt, pepper, a bit of shredded cheese on flat under the broiler and heat)
Ham slice (or bacon if he prefers, but the Brits use a "bacon" that is more like a ham slice)
Potatoes (can't remember their name, but this is how you make them).
  Thin sliced fresh potatoes (never canned!)  The thinner the slices the quicker they cook!
  Thin sliced onions
  If you make bacon, use the grease, if not then butter on a fairly low heat.
  Cook the potatoes with the onions on a low heat so the butter doesn't takes quite awhile to get them cooked.  Bacon grease can be done at a higher heat.
White toast (buttered, cut in half diagonally -- seriously! -- and put together butter-sides touching)
Of course, eggs.  Now this is definitely up for discussion, but in MY book there is never an egg served with the British breakfast in any other form than "over easy/over medium" or "sunnyside up".
Here's the final touch (but I never actually did it for my kids!)  Apples in medium slices, cooked with butter until semi-soft.  Cinnamon sugar on top just before serving warm!
SEND ME A PICTURE!  ('cause I'll probably NEVER make it again myself.  I'm old and lazy now)!
Have fun!

so for lynne's sake, here are some photos of craig's traditional english breakfast for father's day... 

i will say that the potatoes and onions were delicious and the broiled tomato was my favorite.  i decided to do the apples and they were so's possible that when no one was looking i ate mine with a scoop of ice cream.  no one wants to see that.

thanks to lynne for her help.  craig was one happy daddy.


susan said...

Wow,that is seriously impressive!! Will that be a Father's Day tradition now?

Kristi said...

he owes you big time....very impressive. The baked beans is so odd.

lacy said...

Holy Crap, Anne. For breakfast? What time did you have to get up in the morning to start this? You are a champion wife...and I wish I were like you.

Ps, I like that you read my blog.


Yeah girl. You must REALLY love that man! Thanks for the pics. I'm hoping that Steve NEVER READS THIS ENTRY! or I'll have to do the same.....

TripleM said...

Wow, Banannie. That's amazing. It makes me feel even worse for not being home. You're my idol. Seriously.

Angie Judd said...

Reason #753 why I want to be like you. That is some seriously awesome breakfast!

Britney said...

Seriously. That is an amazing breakfast. Now I'm hungry.

You are a good wife!

Julie said...

Anne, I'm cracking up at your ice cream comment..and so TOTALLY craving that breakfast now!! (although I prefer the American version where you slap a few pancakes on the plate too :)