Thursday, April 29, 2010

hodge podge

life has officially become insane here at the anderson home.  we are graduating, celebrating, sailing (craig is anyway), sorting, packing, garage sale-ing and house hunting.

the list of things i am NOT doing includes, but is not limited to, making dinner, making beds, cleaning up my messes, blogging, commenting on other people's blogs, limiting the boys' computer game time and staying sane.

so, to catch up, here are a whole bunch of photos from easter at omi's house, a hike up "Y" mountain and graduation.  if you make it to the end you will find a bonus photo of sy that i came across as i was cleaning out some boxes.  it is worth the wait.

and here we have a 4 year old sy posing in his kindergarten class in austin.  his hair is crazy and sweaty and his face is banged up because of this little incident but this photo just melts my heart...
you're welcome.


Kristi said...

Hang in there are super mom & wife for sure. Fun to see some pics....I didn't know you were in Billings for Easter. Fun to see Pam.
I just looked at the count down...can't believe you are leaving in 24 days.
Congrats to Craig!

thelisifamily said...

Cute pics!! Congrats to Craig (card is still not in the mail :( ) I thought the "y" mountain was on top of the rims- guess not. What are those adorable crafts you guys did? I need to make those immediately- too cute! that little munchkin pic of Sy is amazing.

Julie said...

What a fun, crazy, exciting time for you all. Good luck & hang in there for these final days before the big move!