Monday, February 08, 2010

blues & basics sale

in the interest of moving less stuff to new york...i have put almost all of my etsy merchandise on sale.  serious sale.  everything but the new stuff.  all the pillows are at least 50% off and the blankets have been reduced by $10-$20.   the queen bed set pictured above has been reduced by $75.  so check it out...see if there is anything you like.  you can click on the etsy stuff on my sidebar or go to


CJ and Wendy's Family said...

meh, your stuff is so cute! you are sooo talented! your sale looks yummy and I am wishing I could purchase all of it... one day...I hope:)

Robinson Fam said...

Anne! I love the baby blanket on etsy... my favorite.
And the big move. I have butterflies of excitement for you! What fun. Love you.