Monday, December 07, 2009


a big thank you goes out to my sister, susan, and my mom for their generosity over thanksgiving. almost all of the mcnally siblings were together. we had a great time hanging out with the cousins, baking together, ice skating, going to movies, watching stanford beat notre dame, and shopping. i only have a few pictures but you can go to susan's blog here and here to see more of our adventures.

crazy razor cousins

mason running from uncle craig

craig and my brother, mike, went on a saturday morning hike to the top of mount diablo

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Kristi said...

the boys look a bit chilly on the top of Mt. Diablo :-)
Love seeing all the pics...everyone looks so happy.
Love you doing Paris's hair....I have done that to the girls and they think it is so fun.
You are a fun aunt!