Monday, November 03, 2008

halloween tidbits

the big parade at wasatch elementary

can you find him??

here he is waving to his people

in his classroom saying grace before devouring the halloween party goodies

outside his classroom next to his "wild thing" he created

and finally...

the boys getting ready to go trick-or-treating

very scary

locked in combat

totally oompah loompah

now is the time in the blog post when i report that while my boys were trick-or-treating, craig and i were on an airplane heading for california for the weekend. i need to give many thanks to craig's dad and brother, kurt, for taking the dudes out to get their loot.


susan said...

Wow, adorable photos!!! Cannot believe that Simon- gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...very cool spiderman, especially love the croc superhero shoes:) Dying over that cute little skeleton and that sneer on his face- very intimidating.
ps that "wild thing" Sy created is awesome.

kris said...

Love seeing the boys in their a random note I love your front door....the wood is awesome and it is huge

Nataluscious said...

The boys look awesome. One question - they pray in his public school before treats?? Are you in Happy Valley or what? :)

Anne said...

well--it's not really a prayer--just a cute little chant they say. i don't even know what they say. something along the lines of "god is great, god is good, etc."


Looked like fun...wish I could have been there, too.