Tuesday, October 21, 2008

anatomy of a car ride

all suited up and ready to go

down the sidewalk

to the zoo

a stop to check out the trucks

to the park

the coolest kid at the playground

meanwhile...workin' hard

or hardly workin'?

finding treasures in the sky

and on the ground

dead battery...little brother pushing

big brother pushing

tired of pushing, mom!

mom pushed the rest of the way home---but there are no photos of that. use your imagination.


kris said...

Great post Anni.....wish we had a pic of the final pusher :-)

susan said...

very cute pics Annie... and very familiar and fun activities you and the boys engaged in :) We are all very jealous that you were there!!

A Memory Each Day said...

love the blow by blow details.

Lei said...

What a cute commentary! And kids, too!

Puck said...

anne, you're my hero

Carolyn Hansen said...

That's awesome! I too wish there was a final pic but my imagination is probably pretty acurate. :)

Maria said...

Love the barbie jeep... so cute for the boys :) Looks like it sure provided a lot of entertainment though!