Saturday, September 20, 2008


a snippet of a conversation today.

me: "you boys are being so whiny today. please repeat after me---i am thankful..."

boys: "i am thankful..."

me: "for what i have..."

boys: "for what i have..."

me: "and i do not need anything more."

boys: "and i do not need anything more."

me: "ok--so let's stop asking for more toys, more snacks, more movies, more shows..."

sy : "more butts."

after an eruption of laughter from both soren and me i ask, "what would you do if you had another butt?"

sy with a weird mischievous grin: "take care of it like a pet."

is there a therapist in the house?


kris said... that I am not the only one losing my mind on a daily basis

A Memory Each Day said...

i love this. i'm going to try the repeat after me mantra and see if it works over here.

TK said...

Funniest thing I've seen on the Internets in several days! The demonic smiling picture only add to the story.

See you all in a few days!

jmulls said...

Classic. I need more boys in my house.


Sorry...I had to take a break...hold my stomach (it hurt from laughing)...blow my nose from almost crying...and wipe off the computer screen from the spit when I burst out laughing!

Anne, Anne, were definitely chosen to be the Mom of these two little guys! Your sense of humor and understanding is priceless. Hang in there, girl. I have a feeling this is ONLY THE BEGINNING! (but you have to admit, the imagination is priceless!)

Sarah said...

So hilarious and adorable. I have been loving the blog contact we've had lately. I miss you like crazy!

Love you, Annie

Lei said...

LOL! Reminds me of a similar convo I had with Jonah (about the same age as Sy, no? ;))... he wanted to know if Jesus created our butts. This is tandem with a conversation about keeping the Sabbath Day holy? Where oh where di it come from?

susan said...

That is pure comedy!

the andersons said...

the FUNNIEST thing i've ever heard. your boys rock.