Sunday, May 11, 2008

off to a great start

this morning i said to my boys, "do you know what today is?"

blank stares

"today is mother's day!"

blank stares

"no, it isn't."

i then spent the next 2 minutes explaining that, yes, we had mother's day parties at school on friday but that is only because you don't go to school on sundays and today is the real mother's day.

blank stares

"so what do we do today?"

"nothing. you just say, "happy mother's day!""

blank stares

finally a big smile and a "happy mother's day!"

"thank you, sy."


"yes, soren..."


"you tooted?"


blank stare---from me this time



I needed that laugh today. Mother's Day just isn't the same without anyone around to give the blank stare and then "happy mother's day" (preferably WITHOUT the toot!)


susan said...

Happy Mother's Day Annie-girl- cute story.

Stephen said...

:-D Gotta love those boys!

Carolyn Hansen said...

No offense to Craig but can I just say that I am SO loving having you in the blogging world. I only wish that I lived closer to you so as to have a constant stream of your hilarity! You are the best!!

jmulls said...

Classic. Well done, Soren.

Sarah said...

Annie! I found the blogosphere! Its about time I know. This post literally made me lol. You are fabulous. Love this blog. Love you! Let's chat soon!