Friday, March 14, 2008

Taipei, Taiwan

Well, I couldn't go all the way across the world and not visit Kyle's family in Taiwan!

I had a really good experience visiting with Kyle, Jenny and Abby. I was nothing but happy for them and proud of how well they have made it their home. If you have never lived overseas (which actually all of my siblings and parent have) then you may not be able to understand how challenging it can be. Vacationing is one thing. Making the place home is something entirely different.

Even though it is embarrassing, I have to share this story. When flying to Taipei from Shanghai you actually have to fly through Hong Kong. Look at a map at you will see how ridiculous this is. Politics! Anyway, while in the Hong Kong airport, I got a bowl of soup and noodles for lunch and boy did I end up regretting it. When I arrived in Taiwan, I took a cab to the Paul's home (friends of Kyle and Jenny, also ex-pats) and had been in their home for all of about 2 min when I asked to use their bathroom and quickly left a bowl full of unmentionables. "Hi, my name is Craig. You know my brother. Can I barf in your house?!" Seriously, embarrassing. At least I recovered well.

The rest of the trip I went hiking (I recorded this experience on my hiking blog), did some sightseeing with Kyle (Shang Kai Shek Memorial, National Palace Museum, etc...), had a couple of nice meals with the family (i.e. Chili's and the Far Eastern Shangri-la.... although Jenny's biscuits and gravy may have won my vote for best meal!), and spent some time at the NI office as well.

I loved seeing a new place but without a doubt my favorite thing was seeing the family. I think their little Anderson Adventure is about the coolest thing around. In my mind's eye, I could see them making a habit of this. If Kyle decides to join the foreign service, I may have to make visiting them a habit as well!



I'm more than a tad bit jealous!

The Andersons said...

We loved having you here, Craig (and thanks for the gifts you brought us!) --it was really fun to have you as a visitor... anybody else interested??? :)

Carolyn Hansen said...

Yea, this is why I didn't eat that food in Hong Kong! So glad you had a good time and yes, I am pretty jealous...:)