Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter Sunday

I would say that Easter wasn't very eventful but that would be a lie. The main reason was because I almost didn't make it home! I missed my flight home the day before, basically because I am pretty stupid! Finding a flight home was tough but in the end I made it.....

Anyway, in the end we had a great time. A few days before hand we dyed a dozen hard boiled eggs. The kids liked this.

Easter morning was full of the usual.... an Easter egg hunt, opening up the Easter baskets, etc. Mom sent over these adorable little wire cages with chicks, candy and the "real" green grass too.

Besides eggs and candy, the Easter bunny also brought this Stomp Rocket. Hours of fun! It is still the favorite toy around here.



Glad you made it home, Craig. The Easter Bunny sure hit a good one with the stomp rocket! I'm thinking I may want one! It looks cool. The pics were great. Thanks, as always, for sharing them. It's really fun to see the boys and their lives and events. It means a lot when we're so far away. (otherwise why would I be checking blogs every morning and night!)

susan said...

LOVE the w.b. action on both boys!! I hope that was our influence. They look adorable.

kris said...

Max has one of those rockets and he LOVES it!
Can't believe how big both of them are getting.