Saturday, March 29, 2008

BYU Alumni Scholarship

I had a pretty good personal success this last week.

In 2003, a couple of fellow BYU alumni started a campaign to create a perpetual scholarship in the BYU College of Engineering that was to be funded by the BYU alumni employed at National Instruments. For the last few years I have been managing the effort and in late 2007 we finished raising the $40k required to create the endowment.

This last Tuesday, the Dean from the BYU College of Engineering visited the NI campus to thank our group. This picture includes only a few of the 70 BYU alumni currently employed and National Instruments, 40 of which donate every year.

I found that donating my own money and my effort has been very personally rewarding. I like the thought that from now on, some deserving student will be helped out every school year because of what we did. On top of it, I know I have helped strengthen the BYU brand at National Instruments and vice versa.

David Black (Director of Development) and Alan Parkinson (Dean) gave me a little memento in appreciation of my leadership on the scholarship efforts.


the andersons said...

What a great way to give back, Craig.... and congrats on raising that much money!

Margo said...

What an incredible thing you are doing to give back. What a rewarding thing.

Carolyn Hansen said...

Very cool Craig. Creating a scholarship wouldn't have crossed my mind! I am proud of your giving spirit!

Lindsay said...

That's really awesome, Craig. Way to get in there and make changes! It's inspiring!


How amazing that so little can mean so much in a relatively short time. What great insight and willingness. Congrats to ALL of the participants, but I know you're leadership was essential. CONGRATS!