Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lake Georgetown

The holiday season brought with it some free time to get outdoors and go hiking.

Lake Georgetown is one of my favorite spots because it is so close (less then 30 miles away) and has a great hiking trail that loops the reservoir, frequently changing its personality over its 17 mile length. I have been there at night with Sy to find frogs, I have done overnighters there while hiking the full 17 miler for training and have used it for morning hikes with the family like we did this day.

As you can see, we were worn out by the time we left! Hiking in the morning usually translates into long naps in the afternoon!

One of my strategies for hiking with little ones is to bring along snacks and make snack time a milestone for the kids at the halfway point. Soren seems to think this works.



TOO CUTE! P.S. It works with Grandma, too, Soren!

kris said...

those boys couldn't be any cutier!
glad your back to the blogging world