Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lake Georgetown.... again!

I know Anne won't like me making a big deal about this but she must of had a good time accompanying the boys and I on one of our recent hiking adventures because a couple of weeks ago she asked me if I wanted to go hiking! The answer to that will always be, "YES!" I won't bore you with a lot of history but as an anecdote, during our summer in Alaska, we went hiking a couple of times and I clearly remember at least one crying incident. So, as much as I would love her participation in one of my favorite hobbies, I don't usually hold out much hope and I definitely don't push!

Long story short, we had a really nice time! Anne got a babysitter and then we spent 3 hours on the trail covering about 8 miles, enjoying the walk, enjoying each other, and enjoying the conversation.



Good for you guys! But don't try your luck....August would be a BAD time to suggest such a stroll.

Carolyn Hansen said...

Sounds like an awesome date to me!