Sunday, November 18, 2007

CN Tower

Last week I visited Toronto and Montreal for business. Both cities are pretty cool although they are much more popular places in the summer than in November. After our company's event in Toronto, the team went and had dinner in the restaurant near the top of the CN Tower (see red arrow below). The view was amazing and the food was even better.

On top of it, the entire seating area of the restaurant rotates! Not too bad if you don't mind a little bit of vertigo (Pop would have hated it). The restaurant completes a revolution around the tower every 72 min. By the time we left we had completed at least two revolutions. One little oddity about this revolving restaurant is that the kitchen, restrooms, etc.. are in the center, not attached to the seating area. So waitstaff (and diners who have visited the restroom) need to be accustomed to taking a different route to getting to their table than the way they came!

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Papa and I went there! You're right. He wasn't crazy about it. ME, I LOVED IT! The whole rotation thing was cool. We went about Thanksgiving, too, and the city light were great.