Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas Giving (for my siblings)

If you aren't one of my siblings this post is going to be lame so you might as well skip it. Basically it is the Christmas giving assignments amongst our families since buying for everyone would require an additional mortgage for most of us. If you are one of my siblings this is required reading.....

As I do every year, I am fulfilling my familial duties by handing out the Christmas gift assignments (Translation: If I don't I am afraid nobody will!.... besides, I have a spreadsheet that helps me manage this and I am afraid my world would crumble if things changed on me). I have already left you a voicemail and/or email message but thought adding a post here would help make sure to cover the bases.

Before reading your assignment, please review these videos to help you get in the Christmas giving spirit.

Here is how it is going to work....
1. Kelly's family gives to Kurt gives to CJ's family gives to Kyle's family gives to Craig's family gives to Carolyn's family gives to Kelly's family.
2. Giving to nieces and nephews not in your assigned list is encouraged (after all it is about the kiddos) but definitely not expected.
3. Mom and Pop are going to do whatever the heck they want to anyway so we won't attempt to place any restrictions on them.

Merry Christmas!



You're the BEST!

Carolyn Hansen said...

Got it. Glad you got the master spreadsheet all worked out ;)