Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pecan Street Festival

Last weekend, Anne had her second show of the year. She made enough at the Summer Fair in Montana that she was able to build up a bunch more inventory, register for another show (Pecan Street Festival) and buy her own booth/tent instead of renting it. Her mom and sisters also took the opportunity to come to Austin to help out and hang out.

As usual, I was very proud of Anne. She has a knack for presentation and is very natural in these sort of retail situations. Unfortunately, she didn't make half of what she made in Montana but she definitely did better than break even.

When I was feeling brave, I brought the boys downtown to see Mom and participate in the festivities.

The trips down there where fun for the boys because they got to see Anne but there were a couple of times when the fun and giggles were absent. At one point I was carrying Soren and his full diaper (along with kettle corn and a beaded necklace) in one arm with an inconsolable Sy (he couldn't have everything he asked for) in the other.


Carolyn Hansen said...

Good times! You are one brave Daddy for making the trek alone. It can always be worse right? That full diaper could have been on you. (been there) ;)


Great pics. Thanks! I love seeingthe boys and all that is happening. WAY TO GO ANNE!

Tennille said...

Anne totally rocks!

kylejennyabby said...

I love your stuff, Anne--it's beautiful!

kylejennyabby said...

That's great, Anne! I'm really proud (like I'm your mother or something). Do you happen to make man purses! --Kyle