Monday, September 24, 2007


Before I left Baltimore last week, I made sure to at least get a tour of the ballpark and hunt for Dave McNally sightings. The tour was pretty cool and sure enough Dave showed up in a number of places including in the Orioles Hall of Fame and on the all-time leaders lists.

Over the decade or so I have known the McNally's I had lost perspective on how special it was for Dave to have played in the major leagues. Visiting the park was a nice reminder of the impact Dave had on so many people...... I could almost picture him on the mound (even though it would have been a different ballpark) in 1966 delivering a shutout against the heavily favored Dodgers.



How cool, Craig. The photo says it all! Glad you got some "downtime" while you're working so hard. Love to you. I miss you.

Carolyn Hansen said...

Thanks for sharing that about Dave. It is an amazing accomplishment for sure! Now that you are done with one more trip how about we start planning our getaway?

kylejennyabby said...

That was neat to see those pictures of Dave. I am sure Anne is proud.. she should be. What an accomplishment!