Saturday, June 16, 2007

Enchanted Rock

Last Friday night, we all went camping at Enchanted Rock State Park. It was only an overnighter (kind of a warm and sticky one) with a short hike the next morning. We ended up carrying the boys most of the way but it was still worth it. I just wanted to share a couple of pictures.

There are a couple of boulder fields where you can find tunnels underneath the boulders. Sy was very brave and explored these with me.

The trail head.

We made it back!



Yeah! Looks like a great outing. I remember all the trips we took to various campgrounds with all you guys! Wish I was around to do it with the grandbabies as well...I would, you know!

kylejennyabby said...

Very cute pictures, guys.... looks like fun... we hope to get this moving thing out of the way so we can do some hiking and camping, too!